Black women and girls celebrate their natural hair with annual photoshoot at Liberty Memorial

KANSAS CITY, MO. (KCTV) — Confidence and celebration was at the center of KC Curly’s natural hair photoshoot on Saturday.

“To me it’s about self-worth because as a child if you don’t feel like your hair is nice then you start going deeper and think you don’t have any self-worth at all,” said Crissi Curly, founder of KC Curly.

At the Liberty Memorial and dressed in purple, the ladies took headshots, walked the runway and loved on one another.

One mother and daughter duo came all the way from Minnesota.

The mom, Erin McAlpin, said it was important for her daughter to see the full picture of her beauty and also a chance for McAlpin to be part of daughter’s reality.

“Sometimes Aubrey has to be a brave girl and be in worlds that don’t look like hers. So this is the chance where it gets to be flipped and I’m the one who gets to experience that. I really feel it’s important for both parts,” she said.

This is the sixth year for the KC Curly natural hair photoshoot. According to Crissy Curly, she hopes it will became a festival event in the future.

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